Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Mercedes-Benz B Class 2013

Gradually, Mercedes-Benz will discover how to sell his entry cars.  In the first generations of Mercedes Class A and B, the German brand found that only the prestige of the three-pointed star would be enough.

The results were bland cars with little sales appeal. Now, with the debut of a new middle platform - called Compact in brand standards - a chance for redemption came.

 The new generation of the Mercedes B-Class, is one example. The proposal is still in the family cars, but with a design - and behavior - more aggressive. That brings him closer to the younger audience  that Mercedes want to reach with this cars.

 The main strategy to make the new Mercedes B-Class more appealing than the former was to give to the model a more sporty appearance. The car was lower, longer and wider. The engines more powerful and a much more agressiv design.

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